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Brant Hansen graduated from the University of Illinois school of journalism in 1991. Hansen began his radio career while at the college rock station WPGU. Hansen moved on to be the morning show host for contemporary Christian WBGL-FM.

Brant currently works with the staff of CURE International as “storyteller”. He has worked extensively with the charitable organization in the past, helping raise money to provide surgeries for children with treatable conditions.

Hansen has Asperger syndrome and nystagmus, conditions that have presented him with challenges in social situations. Brant has stated that he finds these conditions exhausting, but also finds positive aspects to his circumstances. In an interview, he stated, “Let’s face it: I’m in radio because I can’t be seen. Asperger’s makes for real honesty – and that can make arresting radio.”

Hansen is an outspoken Christian, and has been featured on the I Am Second website. He has blogged on multiple sites, has authored several articles and a book. Hansen and his wife traveled to Kenya with Compassion International to meet the child they had been sponsoring. Hansen challenged 200 listeners to also become sponsors; over 300 did so. He also traveled to Indonesia to assist with Tsunami relief efforts.



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